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Spiritual Growth and Development

Spiritual Companionship was developed by my good friend William Bloom, who is the leading holistic spiritual practice teacher and mystic in the UK, and one of the leading such practitioners in the world. The project is run under the auspices of The Foundation for Holistic Spirituality. Spiritual Companions are recognised as a benevolent presence deeply connected to the wonder of life, and the vision is for there to be SC's in every walk of life, able to recognise when others are emerging into spiritual awareness and ready to accompany them on that journey (a beautiful example of this work in practice can be seen by reading 'The Girl and the Owl' on this site. At the moment, Spiritual Companionship is a new development, though it has been several decades in gestation, and there are only about 80 SC's throughout the country and a group of 9 Spiritual Companionship Educators, who are currently developing a training curriculum from the various excellent teachings and workshops that have been successfully offered over many years, and all of which have the three core foundations to Spiritual Practice as central to their teaching viz:- 1. Connection with the pure wonder of existence 2. Reflection to guide one's development 3. Service, ethics and citizenship For further details of SC-related courses and development, please see the next page or